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One Complete System.

One ARPS has a six (6) operational modules with 4 Core systems. The various compound modules are: Account, Academic, Faculties (HR), Quarters (Dormitory and Staff Quarters), Transport (School Bus and Fleet) and Student. The other component systems are CBT (Computer Based Testing) Engine, LMS (Learning Management System) and Alumni. Social Network.


Books+ledgers, journals, budgets, cashbook, billing, receipts, payroll, inventory, fixed assets register..


Assessments & class evaluation, attendance, classrooms, timetable, evaluation, scheme of works..


Employment, IDMS, appraisals, score card, salaries, loans, overtime, casual leaves, advances..


Staff quarters, residents, exeats (exit permits), dormitories allocation, boarders, roll-calls,


Fleets maintenance and register, school buses, drivers register, transits (pick & drop), manifests..


Admission, IDMS, clinical services, disciplinary actions, appraisals, prefecture, communication book..

CBT Engine

Questions bank, automated & instant evaluation, progress reports, import & export utilities..

LMS Edge

Online & offline sessions, eNotes, assignments, scheme of works, course outlines, lesson notes..

What is included?

We use the best technologies available on the market to ensure that our customers obtain positive results.
# Phases Follow-up Description
1 Prototyping With the client From 1 to 2 days
2 Development Technology team From 1 to 5 days
3 Validation Management team Project ready
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