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What exactly is One ARPS (ERP System 4 Schools)?

Academic Resource Planning System is what this term stands for. It is a multi-tenant, cloud-based ERP solution created primarily for educational institutions. ARPS intends to transform academic, education, evaluation, and administrative information management by automating activities in a web and mobile-friendly manner.

Yes, One ARPS is made to work with all kinds of schools, including elementary, secondary, and higher education institutions. Due to its adaptability, it can meet the unique needs and specifications of various educational institutions.

We have a one academic term term (evaluation) free license to enable you appreciate the power packed features of One ARPS.

One ARPS is, in fact, essentially a web and mobile solution. Any online browser or specialized mobile applications can access it. This guarantees that users can easily manage administrative and academic responsibilities using their preferred devices.

There is a provision of of a one network portal @https://net.arps.one to enable access to parents/guardian and students/wards.

Yes, security and data protection are top priorities for ARPS. It uses strong security measures because it is a cloud-based solution to protect sensitive data. Data encryption, access controls, frequent backups, and adherence to industry standards are a few examples of these precautions.

Expressly, we offer a 24/7 dedicated services support to all our clients and prospects. Time is never our constraint.

Teachers can use ARPS to create and distribute assessments, monitor student progress, enter grades, and provide detailed reports. This facilitates the assessment process and offers insightful data on student performance.

Yes, ARPS offers powerful reporting and analytics features. Users have the option of creating bespoke reports using particular criteria and parameters. These reports can shed light on a number of operational aspects of the school, including enrolment, student achievement, resource use, and financial data.

One ARPS is functionally available to your multi (physical) campuses requirements (no limit to the number of school branches).

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